Arrangement of transports

British Foreign Office circular dated 23 November 1938 (FO 371/24085)

GEN.  32/16/23.

The Inter-Aid Committee for Children, 20 Gordon Square, London, W.C.1, a voluntary organisation which originated out of The Save The Children Fund, is arranging to bring large numbers of refugee children up to the age of 17 (without their parents) from Germany and Austria to this country for educational purposes. H.M. Government has agreed to admit to the United Kingdom children sponsored by this Committee and to dispense with the requirement of a visa for them. Any person enquiring about the possibility of sending a child to this country should be referred to this Committee.

A special two part document of identity, the form of which has been approved by the Home Office, will be used by the Committee for each child. It will be filled in London by the Committee and submitted to the Passport Control Department for stamping. The person responsible for bringing the children to this country will be supplied with a card for each child and application to the Passport Control Officer or a British Consul for visa or further authentication will be unnecessary. On arrival of the child in the United Kingdom, the card will be endorsed by the Immigration Officer, one part being retained for official purposes and the other being given to the conductor of the party who will forward it to the Inter-Aid Committee.

Specimen copies of the card will be forwarded as soon as available.

23rd November, 1938.

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