Prisoners for transportation (ii)

Extracts from a list naming 150 Jacobite prisoners taken by the French in October 1747, as recorded by W Smith at Lincoln, York and Lancaster. This is the list referred to by Samuel Smith who ship was captured (SP 36/102/95-97).


[Height given in feet and inches]

40James Neilson26LabourerAberdeen 5’ 5’’Black, swarthy, slender
41Jonathan Robertson19Ditto: as
Inverness5’ 4”Brown, straight, Do.”
42Daniel Ross40ServantRoss5’ 5”Sandy hair, swarthy, well made
43William Robertson17LabourerPerth5’ 5”Brown, well made
44John Stewart18Do.Aberdeen5’ 4”Do. Do. ruddy
45John Smith21GoldsmithDo.5’ 4”Do. Do.
46William Sharp18LabourerDo.5’ 5½”Do. Do. slender
47Daniel Mc Gillis12Arisaig4’ 6Do. Do. stiff
48James Lacky16WeaverEdinburgh5’Black straight
49George Bain25LabourerAberdeen5’ 5½”Do. Swarthy
50Hector Mc Gillis16HerdInverness5’ Do. Lusty
51John Scott17Do.Perth5’ 3½”Light hair, fair faced, slender
52John Stewart18LabourerAberdeen5’ 3½”Brown, well made, swarthy
53John Thompson18Do.Bamf5’ 4¼”Black
54Adam Sutherland35Do.Sutherland5’ 6”Dark hair, pale faced, slender
55Isabell Chambers25KnittsMearns5’ 7”Do. Tall 7 slender
56Elizabeth Clavering22SeamstressBamf5’Brown, thin
57Isabell Hamilton50KnittsMussellburgh4’ 7”Do. little
58Mary Kennedy20Sewing etc.Glengary4’ 7”Do. full faced, ruddy
59Jane McKenzie19Do.Inverness4’ 7”Fair hair, pock pitted, slender
60Elizabeth Mc Farlin30Do.Perth5’ 8½”Black, lusty, ruddy
61Elizabeth Robb35Knitts.Aberdeen4’ 11”Brown thick
62John Crookshanks14HerdsmanDo.5’Fair complexion, healthy
63Duncan McCleish18PedlarPerthshirePerthshire 4’ 11¾Pale, Do., slender
64Alexander Low37Whitesmith
[works with
Lancashire5’ 5¾Pock pitted, ruddy, Do., healthy
65James Dunbar17LabourerMurray5’ Dark complexion, well made
66Robert Tom16Do.Angus5’ 1”Black hair, strong, healthy
67William Chapman32PedlarAberdeen5’ 4½”Pale complexion, Do.
68Thomas Brownhill22LabourerPerthshire5’ 6¾”Fair, Do. slender, well made, Do.
69Alexander Brownlee20WatchmakerEdinburgh5’ 6”Red hair, Do.
132George Hume30WriterEdinburgh5’ 7”Black man
133John Mason18BarberAberdeen5’ 3¼”Brown hair well looking
134John Stewart17LabourerPerthshire5’ 3½”Dark hair, lively
135Alexander Robinson40Do.Do.5’ 1¾”Do. pale
136James Sharrock21TaylorPreston5’ 6”Do. pale
137Richard Leatherbarrow32WeaverWinwick5’ 6¾”Chestnut, sturdy
138John Cottam17LabourerClifton5’ 6½”Sandy hair
139Hugh Johnson27WeaverWalton5’ 3”Blind of right eye
140Thomas Bold21LabourerWigan5’ 5¼”Dark hair
141Thomas Charnley19WeaverWalton5’ 8”Strong, light brown
142Richard Procter20Whitster [whitener or bleacher of cloth]near Preston5’ 5½”Dark brown & sprightly
143Margaret Dykes22Lithgow5’Well looking
144Mary McKenzie20Spin[ner]LochaberLusty, healthy
145Barbara Camell19-------------PerthshireRed hair, clever
146Jane McIntosh20Spin & Knit[ter]InvernessDo.
147Flora Cameron40-------------LochaberBlack hair
148Effy Cameron28Do.Do.Do. Swarthy
149Anne Cameron30Do.Do.Little woman
150Margaret McDonald23Do.PerthshireBlack hair
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