Jacobite prisoners

Extract of information taken at Lancaster Gaol for ‘treasonable practices’. This information outlines the cases of several Jacobite supporters who have been imprisoned for drinking the health Prince Charles, the ‘Young Pretender’ and of James, the ‘Old Pretender’, January 1747 (SP 36/93 f.127).


An Abstract of Severall Informations taken before me Robert Dukinfield Esquire one of his Majestys Justices of the peace and Quorem in 6 [the smallest number of people who must be present at a meeting in order for decisions to be made] for the said County against Jeffery Battersby, John Tomlinson and Daniel Mellor Prisoner in his Majesties Goal at Lancaster.

John Liversay of Bury yeoman on his oath Deposes and says that upon the Sunday the main body of the Rebels marched out of Manchester on their rout [route] towards Derby he went to Manchester on Curiousity to see them and that about Eleven o Clock in the Forenoon of the same day he went to the house of Adam Grunday who keeps the Angel Inn in Manchester aforesaid and in the Kitchen part belonging to the said house he saw one John Tomlinson of Bury Shoemaker who had then a white cockade [white ribbon rosette worn by those supporting the Jacobites] fixed to his Hatt which he wore on his Head which Cockade resembled those the Rebels then wore; and in the said Kitchen then distinctly heard and saw the said John Tomlinson upon his knees on the said Kitchin Floor drink a health to Prince Charles and upon the said John Liversay telling him he had better be at Home with his wife and Children he told him he would Loose his Last drop of Blood with them (meaning the Rebels) then the said John Liversay left him & further know not…

John Holt of Bury Labourer likewise on his oath deposes that about the time the Rebels were in Manchester he happened to be in Company with the above named Jeffrey Battersbury when he declared and said to him the said John Holt that King George had no more right to the Crown of England than he (Holt) or himself and further said that King James (meaning the Pretender) had the only right thereto, and you shall see he will come to the Throne and then there will be flourishing times and also then Drunk the Pretenders Health.

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