Prisoners for transportation (i)

Letter from Samuel Smith to Andrew Stone concerning the capture of his ship sailing from Liverpool with 150 rebel prisoners taken to Martinico [Martinique] by French privateer rebels, 22 October 1747 (SP 36/102/38).


Cateaton Street 22nd October, 1747.


The loss of one of my ships with 150 rebels, which was taken by the French & carried into Martinico, and of 75 sent with the last India Expedition, which I was providing for, has been some disappointment to me, but in order to remedy the former as much as possible, I have sent His Grace the Duke of Newcastle letters to the Governor of the Leeward Islands to reclaim them of the French Governor, by three different conveyances, which I hope will produce the desired Effect; and I have sent a List, & exact description of those 150 People, to my Agents in all our Islands in the West Indies, that they may the more & easily be detected, in case they are taken in any homeward bounde Martinco [Martinique] ship, a Coppy of which, I now take the liberty to send you inclosed and beg the favour you will send it to the Admiralty that the proper Officers belonging to His Majestys ships may have instructions to enquire after them, least any should escape to France, or Scotland; all the rest that I had the care of, are safe arrived at Barbadoes, Jamaica, and Virginia.

my farther request is Sir, that you’ll be so kind to let me know, when I am to have the care of those which still remain at Carlisle, York, Southwark & elsewheres, which will much oblige.


Your Faithfull & devoted servant,

Sam Smith

P. S.

The ships that we sent out in search of the North West passage are returned without having compleated the Discovery but have brought us greater probability than ever.

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