Assistance from abroad

Intelligence report on assistance from abroad in support of the Jacobites, 28 September, 1745 (SP 42/29/66).


That they have the English Newspapers regularly at St Malo, when they are but two, three or four Days old, by means of the smuglers, who upon their arrival at any time are examined upon oath touching the Transactions of England, and especially concerning the fleet and the army.

That there are 27 Privatiers [private ships] setting out at St Malo, from 26, to 40 guns each, most of which have never yet been at sea, and the greatest part of the small ones, are laid aside, that one of the large Privatiers called the Syger, of 38 guns and 500 men which must be now at sea, had when he was there between 60 and 70 English, Irish and Scotch men on board her, and expected to make them up 120, who were induced to go into that service by an advance of 180 to 200 Livres a Man.

That there were said to be 22 sail of French and Spanish Men of War at Brest, and there were Troops embarking who were to sail for the West of England, so soon as the English Troops were gone to the Northward.

That there was at St. Malo a French Merchant ship of 54 Guns, and 500 men fitting, and taking in goods for Cadiz, designed from thence for the [South] Sea, and computed to be worth 2,000,000 Sterling.

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