Whale trade

A petition to King George I from a whaling business (SP 35/19/28)


To the Kings most Excellent Majesty

The Humble Petition of Henry Norris, Matthew Featherstonhaugh & Paul Daranda of London Merchants in behalf of themselves & Richard Ridley, Nicholas Ridley, Nicholas Fenwick, Thomas Waters and the Heirs of William Procter deceased of Newcastle Merchants concerned in the Greenland Whalefishery.


That your Petitioners in the years 1717 & 1718 encouraged by severall Acts of Parliament did at their sole expense carry on a trade for Greenland Whalefishery but being of small force were terrified and disappointed by Forreigners even when in possession of their Whale which obliged them to suspend the undertaking after the Loss of several Thousand Pounds.

That your Petitioners being sensible of the great advantage such a trade effectually carried on would bring to the Publick and may also be to particular persons if acting in a Politick Capacity with a Considerable joint Stock are desirous to be incorporated in hope therby to retrieve your Petitioners great losses and establish your said trade to your Advantage of your Nation.

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Majesty will graciously be pleased to grant them and such others as shall be willing to join with them your Royall Charter for that purpose with such Privileges as your Majesty in your great Wisdom shall judge meet [appropriate]…

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