Nelson’s funeral plans

Extract from a letter from Whitehall regarding the funeral arrangements for Lord Nelson, 13 November 1805 (LC 2/40)


Whitehall November 13th, 1805

My Lord,

I beg leave to signify to your Lordship that His Majesty in Consideration of the transcendant heroic services performed by the late Lord Viscount Nelson has signified his Royal Pleasure that His Lordships remains should be publickly Interred at St Pauls Church with all the solemnities usual on such occasions. In making this communication to your Lordship, it will at the same time be necessary to apprize you that it is intended that the Body should on its arrival in England be brought to Greenwich Hospital there to lie in State, and thence to be moved by water to the Kings stairs at the Tower, from whence the Procession will proceed with it to St. Pauls…

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