New police

A hand bill entitled ‘The New Police’, printed in London, 1830 (HO 61/2)


The New Police

PARISHIONERS, — Ask yourselves the following Questions:
Why is an Englishman, if he complains of an outrage or an insult referred for redress to a Commissioner of Police!
Why is a Commissioner of Police delegated to administer Justice?
Why are proceedings of this new Police Court unpublished and unknown? And by what Law of the Land is it recognized?
Why is the British Magistrate stripped of his power? And why is Justice transferred from the Justice Bench?
Why is the Sword of Justice placed in the hands of a MILITARY Man?
Consider these constitutional questions: consider the additional burthen [burden]
Saddled on you—consider all these points, then UNITE in removing such a powerful
Force in the hands of Government, and let us institute a Police System in the hands of the PEOPLE under parochial appointments—
I     Let each Parish convene a Meeting
II   Let a Committee be chosen, instructed to communicate with other Parishes
III   Let Delegates be elected from each Committee to form a
To join your Brother Londoners in one heart, one hand, for the
Abolition of the New Police!
Elliot, Printer, 14 Holywell Street, Strand

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