There Be Monsters (2005)

A sculpture consisting of a ceramic globe with a mosaic representing countries, continents, and the equator. Relief sculptures of creatures including an elephant and a mermaid are placed on the globe.

The globe sculpture that came out of the There Be Monsters projects. It stands in the grounds of The National Archives.

There Be Monsters was inspired by the Map and Atlas collection within The National Archives. The aim was to use devices and imaginary creatures inscribed on some of the oldest maps to inspire adults with experience of mental ill health. They would create a sculpture that was to be placed within the grounds of The National Archives, which was unveiled in February 2005. 

The project, held in 2004, included workshops at The National Archives led by conservators, map specialists and participants of the Outreach team for the service users from Workshop & Company. These sessions provided participants with the opportunity to handle original documentation and talk to experts about the conservation and care of these pieces of history. The project also involved skilled artists (mosaic, ceramic and model making specialists) working with the group to enable them to design and build the finished piece. 

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