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An advertisement for lands in Canada published by the Canada Company in 1826
(Catalogue ref: CO 386/155)
  • These documents are part of a package of offers put together by the Canada Company in the 1820s. The Company was a private company which had a contract with the government to get people to settle in Canada.
  • It is important to remember how enormous Canada is, and how under populated it was in the 1820s. The government was very keen to have British settlers go to Canada to take over and farm new lands.
  • The government wanted this for two main reasons. Once they had settled, the settlers would be able to pay taxes. The other reason was that having loyal settlers in Canada would help to defend Canada against possible attacks from hostile native Americans (who were not a major threat) or from the USA (which was a much bigger threat).
  • The map is deliberately designed to show how much land was available and make it look tempting.
  • The notice about leases is an attempt to tackle the biggest single problem of getting people to emigrate - most people who were prepared to emigrate had no money. That was why most of them wanted to emigrate! This scheme allowed them to buy land without any money up front and pay back the cost slowly.
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