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Living in the British empire - North America
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Government document showing new lands being added to the Dominion of Canada in 1870
(Catalogue ref: CO 381/24)
  • Britain controlled Canada in the late 1700s and early 1800s. In 1837-38 there were minor rebellions against British rule in Canada. They were defeated easily, but the British took the rebellions seriously.
  • The British government appointed the Earl of Durham to investigate the revolts and come up with solutions to the problems.
  • The Durham Report suggested that the Canadians should effectively rule themselves. From 1840 the various assemblies in the different regions of Canada gained much greater powers.
  • In 1855 the eastern regions of Canada became self-governing states within the British empire.
  • In 1867 the British government passed the British North America Act. This was a response to requests from the regions of Canada to make the different parts of Canada into a single federation. This was the foundation of modern Canada.
  • In the years that followed the huge western provinces of Canada were explored and settled by new migrants. They then became parts of the Canadian federation. This document deals with one new area becoming part of the Canadian federation.
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