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Poster encouraging migrants to come to South Australia, 1840s
(Catalogue ref: CO 386/155)
  • This poster is designed to attract emigrants from Britain to South Australia in the 1850s. Gold was discovered in this area in 1851 and as a result there was an influx of settlers hoping to make their fortunes in the mines.
  • The source gives a number of interesting insights into how emigration to Australia worked. The government has essentially handed over the business of getting emigrants to go to Australia to a London company.
  • The poster shows what types of skills are needed in Australia. It also shows what kind of people the company wants to come to Australia. It also makes pretty clear what kinds of people are not wanted in Australia!
  • The poster gives a clue about some of the fears people had about taking such a long journey into the unknown, and tries to reassure them. However, it is likely that the impression of the journey given in the poster did not clearly reflect how long and difficult the journey really was.
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