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Newsreel clip showing leaders from all parts of the British empire gathered in London in 1926
(British Pathe: 646.10)
  • This newsreel clip was shown in 1926, reporting on a meeting of the leaders of the British empire countries. By this time Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia were all ruling themselves. However, the leaders of the empire countries met regularly to discuss important issues.
  • The leaders for the countries at the meeting were:
    • Britain: Stanley Baldwin (Prime Minister)
    • India: Edward Frederick Lindley (British Governor General of India – India did not gain self-rule until 1947)
    • Canada: William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister)
    • South Africa: General J.B.M. Hertzog (Prime Minister)
    • Australia: Stanley Melbourne Bruce (Prime Minister)
    • New Zealand: J. G. Coates (Prime Minister)
    • Irish Free State: William T. Cosgrave (President).
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