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Extract from a Foreign Office report on a speech by Dr Kwame Nkrumah in 1953
(Catalogue ref: FO 371/102615)

I have the honour to report that Dr. Kwame N'krumah, the Prime Minister of the Gold Coast, visited Liberia at the invitation of President Tubman from 21st to 31st January this year.

2. It is difficult to say what were the motives underlying the invitation. On Mr Tubman's part there was probably little more to it than a friendly gesture to an influential African from a neighbouring territory. Whatever ideas Dr. N'krumah may have had when he accepted the invitation, there is no doubt that he took full advantage of his presence in this country to use it as a platform to expound his thesis of a United West Africa, within the framework of "Africa for the Africans". Unfortunately Dr N'krumah was unable to resist the opportunity of voicing his colour prejudices at the same time, and he referred repeatedly to the domination of the black races by the white in Africa, typified by British "Imperialist" and "Colonial" policy, from which the people of the Gold Coast were at last winning their freedom.
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