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Extract from a letter written in 1838 by missionaries in Australia asking for help from the Governor of New South Wales
(Catalogue ref: CO 201/280)
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That the vast influx of Europeans on the banks of the McQuarie, which has been made during the last two years, & is continually being made, while it has a direct tendency to

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destroy the natural resources of the Aboriginal Natives for food, places them at every turn in the midst of temptations to those practices which are almost universal on the Establishments in the interior, & which cannot fail (unless some strenuous counteractive efforts be made) ultimately to lead to the total extinction of the Aboriginal Natives as is already the case with some of their Tribes.

That it is not to be doubted that His Excellency the Acting Governor will see the absolute necessity for the Aboriginal Natives to have the Mission Establishment at Wellington Valley as a quiet & peaceable retreat, where they can be under religious instruction & at the same time free from those snares which Europeans lay for them in every direction. Nor indeed can it be supposed that when a faithful representation of the great aggravated & daily increasing injuries inflicted on the unoffending Aborigines by merciless Europeans shall be made to Her Majesty’s Government, the Missionaries & their flock will be protected at the Station appointed to them by the Government from the intrusion of those whose influence would be injurious.
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