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Extract from a letter written by James Cook on his exploration of Australia, 1770
(Catalogue ref: ADM 55/40 f.160)
Having satisfied myself of the probability of the existence of a passage which I intend to travel, I will make no more landings on the east coast of New Holland, and the west side has already been discovered by Dutch navigators.

But I am confident that no European has ever seen or visited the region of the east coast from latitude 38 degrees to this place.

Having already taken possession of several places upon the coast in the name of His Majesty, I again hoisted English colours in the name of His Majesty King George III and claimed the whole of the eastern coast from the latitude mentioned earlier down to where I am at the moment. I have named the new land New South Wales, claiming the coast, and all the bays, harbours, rivers and islands on the coast.
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