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Gallery 3: The End of the British Empire
The British empire reached its height in the 1920s and 1930s. However, by this time large parts of the empire ruled themselves. By the late 1960s most areas of the British empire ruled themselves, although they kept their links with Britain as members of the Commonwealth.

So did Britain give up its empire or was it forced to give it up? What other forces played a role in these developments. The key question in this gallery is: WHAT FACTORS CAUSED THE END OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE?

We cannot study all of the countries that became independent - there are too many of them and they all became independent at different times. We are going to see what factors emerge from case studies 1-4.
This worksheet will help you plan and organise your work.
Try the Quiz. How good are you at sorting out a big argument about the British empire?
The overview will give you some background information.
Click on the case study buttons to explore sources on the end of british rule in different regions
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