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Living in the British empire - North America
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Case Study 5: Living in the British empire - North America
If you have looked at the first case study in this gallery, you will have seen sources that give a British view of life in the British empire. In this case study you will examine a range of sources that look at life in North America under British rule. Study each of the sources carefully and look for ways in which they support or contradict the views given in the first case study.
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1. Report on British and Native Americans, 1836   2. Extract from the Durham Report, 1839   3. Map showing the US-Canadian border, 1842   4. The Anderson case, a runaway slave, 1867
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5. Report of an Irish Republican meeting, 1865   6. Document showing lands added to Canada, 1870   7. British meeting with Native Americans, 1875   8. Cartoon on new railways in Canada, 1887
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