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CAB 23 interwar conclusions

With the end of the War Cabinet in 1919 and the move to a more traditionally sized Cabinet, the notation changed. References to Cabinet conclusions were made by using symbols or codes in the form CC 34 (38) 5. The letters refer to internal reference for conclusions, and the numbers to the details of the meeting, year and place on the agenda. This reference (CC 34 (38) 5) relates to the fifth item on the agenda of the 34th Cabinet meeting for 1938. This notation has remained almost unchanged since 1919. The internal reference for this set of conclusions is: CC for the period 1919-1939

The conclusions for the period 1919 to 1939 also contain 'conferences of ministers' which do not have a reference number and are identified by the date, time and even place of the conference. These documents are interspersed throughout CAB 23, with greater prevalence during the 1920s. They have been separated from the CC series below for clarity.