Contact the team

As part of our leadership role, we’re here to support the archives sector with advice and guidance. If you have a query, please feel free to email us or to get in contact with a member of our expert team below.

Please note that the Archive Sector Development department helps with archive services and archive collections. For record or research-related enquiries, please use our online contact form. There are also separate ways to contact The National Archives’ press team and web archive team.

Meet your Sector Development Manager

There is a member of the Regional and Networks team based in each part of England, supporting archive services of all types in this region. Additionally, these Sector Development Managers support archive services of a particular type, such as business archives, across all of England. If you haven’t reached out to your Sector Development Manager(s) before, we’d love to hear from you:

Head of Regional and Networks Team – David Morris

Development Manager (National and Networks) – Caroline Sampson and Helena Smart

Sector Development Manager (East and Arts) – Hannah Jones

Sector Development Manager (London and Business) – Philippa Turner

Sector Development Manager (Midlands, Transport, and Schools) – Mike Rogers

Sector Development Manager (North East and Yorkshire) – Sarah Wickham

Sector Development Manager (North West and Charities) – Kathryn Preston

Sector Development Manager (South West, Religion, and Science) – Tim Powell

Other contacts

Head of Archive Sector Development – Tina Morton

Collections and Audience Insight

Head of Collections and Audience Insight Team – Simon McKeon

Collections Knowledge Officer – Elisabeth Novitski

Digital Development Manager – Jo Pugh

Digital Development Officer – Barbara Packard

Digital Development Officer – Caroline Catchpole

Places of Deposit Manager (including Wales) – Andrew Rowley

Senior Adviser (Manorial Records) – Liz Hart

For advice on the 20-year rule and the NHS, contact Simon McKeon


Head of Programmes Team – Jonathan Ladd

Project and Events Officer – James Heyworth-Taylor

Digital Impact and Communications Officer Karishma Wadhwani

For communications enquiries, contact Jonathan Ladd

Standards and Improvement

Head of Standards and Improvement Team – Philip Gale

Cultural Property Manager – James Travers

Programme Manager (Accreditation) – Melinda Haunton

Programme Officer (Accreditation) – Jane Shillaker

Grants and Funding

Head of Grants and Funding – Jack Butterworth

Head of Archives Sector Funding – James Hodgson

Grants and Funding Officer – Sophie Anstee de Mas