Archiving the arts

Archiving the Arts was an initiative to support arts archives in the UK, wherever they were held. Our team worked to ensure that records of the arts are well cared for, accessible and recognised as valuable by those who look after them and the wider public.

Our active work on Archiving the Arts drew to a close at the end of March 2016.
We reached over 250 organisations and individuals, providing advice on good practice, development, partnerships and sources of funding. We delivered a range of regional and specialist events, covering ideas, arts archives of many kinds, creative re-use, development, collaboration, funding, digital, copyright and other intellectual property rights.

We have gained so much from working with Archiving the Arts supporters and champions, from a little advice that goes a long way, to gathering and sharing knowledge of collections, taking part in and hosting events, right through to support for major projects and initiatives.



Our work covered all arts disciplines - visual art, literature, music, dance, theatre, combined arts and live art. We aimed to support sustainability and collection development for archival collections of the arts, so that more material survives and is collected for the future.

Archiving the arts: resources

We want your activities, advice and initiatives to be as wide-ranging, relevant and helpful as possible to those caring for arts archives.

Archiving the arts: partnerships

As Archiving the Arts moves into the legacy phase, there are several ongoing partnerships and events which will be a focus for taking the work forward.