Conservation treatment and development

We ensure access to The National Archives’ collection through its long-term preservation and display, to prolong the life of our collection through established and innovative programmes of environmental management, conservation treatment and research initiatives. We enhance understanding of our collection through cross-disciplinary research and original ways of interacting with its contents.

As a centre of excellence and leader in archive conservation, the Collection Care department has redefined the role and competencies of today’s practicing conservator, from a bench-based treatment focused work to a framework around the practitioner researcher. With this new understanding of the conservation profession, our teams in Collection Care undertake research-led practice integrating objects with their context, value and significance.

Our work benefits the conservation and heritage science profession, the wider cultural heritage sector, and the general public. We ensure that our results and methods are communicated to our colleagues and disseminated through formal and informal channels. We host workshops and training opportunities as well as informal visits and public engagement events.