Loans for exhibitions

Section 2(4)(g) of the Public Records Act 1958 empowers The National Archives to lend documents ‘for display at commemorative exhibitions and for other special purposes’. Applicants for loans must meet all conditions, including those on timescales, costs, travel and display, as laid out in our conditions for loans. If you would like to borrow documents from The National Archives, there are some points you should consider:

  • we require six months’ advance notice for any loan
  • loans are made to one venue only
  • the period of loan is usually three to six months
  • we do not usually lend more than ten documents to any one exhibition
  • the borrower is responsible for all costs, including insurance, conservation treatment if required, conservator time, and all costs associated with the installation and collection of borrowed items, including courier time and preparation. See Fees regulations
  • loans will be considered for public display purposes only
  • The National Archives must be clearly acknowledged in both the display and any accompanying catalogues to the exhibition

How to apply

Apply for a loan using our loans for exhibitions application form. You can download, fill in by hand and email your completed form to us or send it by post to: The National Archives, Collection Care: Loans and exhibitions team, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU.

General enquiries

For general loan enquiries please email us at Exhibition Loans.

Discovery, The National Archives' new catalogue, provides information about our records.

A selection of recent exhibitions that our documents have been lent for display at.