Treasury records

FOI request reference: CAS-87716
Publication date: June 2022


Treasury records: how many records do TNA currently have awaiting opening at TNA?


Information provided.


Discovery, our online catalogue, indicates that we currently hold 550 Treasury (T series) records which are closed to the public. This includes records that were transferred from HMT to TNA already closed under the Public Records Act (20 to 30 year closures), Lord Chancellor’s Instruments (LCI), and various exemptions under the FOI Act. This figure also includes records that have been reclosed at TNA whilst access is under review. The expiration dates of closure periods for each record are available on their related catalogue description.

In addition we hold 938 records from the T 701 series which are currently in the process of being added to Discovery. This includes a mixture of records that are to be retained by HMT and records that are to be opened. 653 records from the T 701 series are to be opened, and the remaining 285 records are to be retained. In addition, we can also confirm that we are currently in the process of accessioning six Treasury records that were previously retained by HMT. Five of these are to be accessioned as open records and one is to be accessioned as a closed record.