HM Treasury Records

FOI request reference: F0058920
Publication date: October 2019




Request & response

Treasury records: I would like to know how many records TNA have received from HM Treasury which are still held by TNA awaiting release.

Following a transfer in mid-August 2019 there are currently 1,044 un-accessioned HM Treasury files held by TNA and being prepared for release. TNA allows for 60 working days after receipt to complete the necessary preparation work, so we would expect to release these files in November. In addition, at the time your request was received we held 16 previously retained files which were being prepared for release. These have since been released.

Treasury: I would like to know how many visits there have been since 1 April 2019 by TNA staff to HM Treasury to discuss their transfer of records.

TNA attends a transfer project board held monthly at HM Treasury, which has met six times since the 1st April 2019. We have also had a separate planning meeting with HM Treasury. Furthermore, The National Archives has carried out three visits to inspect HM Treasury records since the 1st April 2019.