20sPeople is a season of exhibitions, activities and events from The National Archives that explores and shares stories that connect the people of the 2020s with the people of the 1920s.

Uncover the history of the 43 Club, an establishment as infamous for flouting licencing laws as it was famous for its atmosphere. Run by ‘The Nightclub Queen of Soho’, Kate Meyrick, the club was a magnet for the papers, largely thanks to the dawn raids that resulted from Kate’s contentious interpretation (or flagrant disregard) of the law. You can uncover more about Kate’s fascinating life below – she is part of our 20 People of the 20s series. There’s more still to discover at our exhibition – The 1920s: Beyond The Roar – where we have recreated the 43, based on records we hold. Why not join us at our 20s-themed Late, and get to meet Kate herself? You can ask her all about her life over a classic 20s cocktail.