'A man of colour'
TS 11/205, no. 876/38 (c. 1820)
TS 11/205, no. 876/46a (c. 1820)

The Information of John Davey of Parker Street, Drury Lane, in the Parish of Saint Giles in the Fields in the County of Middlesex, Wheelwright.
Who being on Oath says - My Mother is possessed of a House and Shop in Parker Street opposite to my Dwelling House. About 3 weeks before the Cato Street business took place, a Man of colour who said his name was Davidson; and that he was a Cabinet Maker living in the New Road, applied to me to take the premises, he said he had 8 Men and 4 Apprentices and that he wanted the premises to carry on his business in, my Mother at that time was resident on the premises and I referred him to her, he went over with [...]

John Firth
of No. 23 Bryanston Street Edgware Road Cowkeeper says - I let the stable and loft (where the Men were taken last Wednesday Night) to John Harris or Harrison, who was formerly a Soldier in the life Guards I let the stable to him for 6 months certain at 5 shillings per week for him to keep a horse and cart in which his brother was to procure for him as he told me I never gave Davison the black any money nor anything but a handful of Hay I never knew any of the people that were at the stable on Wednesday night except Thistlewood I have seen him but never had any communication with him
John Firth

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