Owners' Orders to the Directors and Managers
TNA: PRO ref: C 104/36 part 2 (19 June 1711)

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Know all men by these presents That wee whose names are hereunto subscribed being Owners or part Owners of the Ship Duke Woodes Rogers Commander the Dutchess Stephen Courtney Commander and the Bacheler Captain Thomas Dover Commander Doe Nominate Constitute and appoint John Bacheler James Hollidge Christopher Shuter Phillip Freke John Romsey Francis Rogers and John Duckenfield all of the City of Bristol Merchants who are also part Owners of the said Three Ships to be Agents Directors and Managers for us and all others that now are or may be concerned by or under us in the said ships and Voyage to Act Direct and Doe all things that are needful and convenient to be done for the good and benefit of all persons legally Interested in the Said ships As well in ordering the place or places of their Discharge Sales of their Cargoes and Adjusting the shares and Wages with the Officers and men according to the Agreements theretofore made and Executed for that purpose as in all other matters relating to the said Three Ships and their Cargoes hereby Giving and Granteing to the said John Bacheler James Hollidge Christopher Shuter Phillip Freke John Romsey Francis Rogers and John Duckenfield or the greater number of them full Power Lycence and Authority to Act and Doe all things
Relateing to the Premises what they in their prudence shall thinke most Conduceable to the good and common profit of the Partners. And we doe hereby alsoe Impower our said Directors and Managers or those who shall be by them Employed as Agents to take Advice of Councell and of other persons as often as occasion shall require And if the said ships should Discharge in Holland or any other Port Remote from this City That they have power to Nominate and appoint two or more of their number to Act by and under them and to take to their Assistance in the place of their Discahrge such Merchants Factors and other persons as they shall thinke fir to Aid and Assist them therein. And wee the abovenamed Managers and Directors and every one of us And in like manner wee the other Partners who are not Directors or Managers Exemteing these presents and Every one of us Doe Severally and respectively for himself and his respective Executors and Administrators mutually and Reciprocally Covenant to and with Each other and to and with Every the Executors and Administrators of Each other to Allow and pay Every Director and Manager their and Every of their Agents and Assignes lawfully Authorized and Deputed their Executors and Administrators All such Charges Customes Wages Expences
or other disbursements whatsoever which they the Managers or Either of them or Agents lawfully by them appointed may be att for or concerning the premises or any part thereof according to our Severall Shares proportions and Interests in the said ships and Cargoes when and as often as the same shall be demanded with reasonable Allowances for their the Managers and their Agents paines and troubles Respectively.

And wee the Severall persons above named Appointed directors and Managers by Executeing of these presents Doe Accept of the said Trust And doe farther Severally and respectively Each for himselfe and his owne Acts Covenant and Agree to and with Sir John Hawkins Kn[igh]t[?] and all and Every the other partners Authorizeing us as aforesaid their and Every of their Executors and Administrators That wee and Every of us shall and will from time to time Demeane him and themselves honestly Justly and faithfully for the benefit profit and most advantage of the whole Partnership in all matters and Trusts committed to us as aforesaid to the best of our skill and knowledge and keepe true and Just accounts of all our proceedings and all sales Expences and sumes of money and render A[ccoun]ts [?] [of the whole from] time to time as often as wee shall be Requested by any one or two of the Managers
or Partners. And in Case any one or more of us the Directors or Managers shall be ordered and goo to any place or places beyond the seas upon occasion of the said ships or Cargoes Wee doe severally and Respectively agree and Covenant with the other Managers and Partners That one or some of us as often as conveniently wee can shall Transmitt a true and Just account of all our proceedings Transactions and Sum[m]es of money [?]e [aris]ing thereto to the Remaining Directors to be Communicated to all and Every the Partners when Required. And all Partners Executeing these presens Doe agree That As often as there shall be occasion and wee shall have notice That wee will Assemble within the City of Bristoll att the time and place appointed to advise and Assist the Managers in all matters touching the said ships and Cargoes as shall be thought necessary and conveniently. In witness whereof wee the Owners Partners Directors and Managers of the said shipps have hereunto sett our hands and seales this Nineteenth day of June in the tenth yeare of the Reigne of our sovereigne Lady Anne by the Grace of God of Great Britaine France and Ireland Queene Defender of the Faith etc Annoq[ue] D[o]mi[ni]



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