Mary Darby’s agreement with Thomas Goldney
Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office ref: CRO 473/156(-9) (20 June 1717)

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I hereby Grant bargain & Sell unto Tho[mas] Goldney of ye Citty of Bristol Merch[an]t 6 p[ar]tts or Shares out of my 15 shares of ye Furnace pottwork & every thing whatsoever[r] thereunto appertaining in Cole brook Dale for One Thousand two hundred pounds & in p[ar]tt paym[ent] of £1700 dew to him from ye Estate of my late Husband w[hi]ch s[ai]d Six Shares I promise to confirm to him in prop[er] form as soon as I can after administrat[io]n is taken out

I consent & promise for my p[ar]tt that his Son Tho[mas] Goldney shall be admitted att Mi[chael]mass next Cashire to ye work att £50 a y[ear] Sallery & to board him w[i]th me at p[er] ann[u]m To this short agreem[en]t ( in order to have it fully drawn on parchm[en]t) I have put my hand this 20th June 1717

Joshua Sergeant Mary Darby



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