Letters of marque and reprisal for the Cinque Ports. Declaration of Charles Pickering.
TNA: PRO ref: HCA 26/18 f.62 (11 January 1702)

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11 Jan[uary] 1702
Appeared personally Cap[tain] Charles Pickering and produced a Warr[ant] from his Royall Highness Prince George of Denmarke etc L[or]d High Adm[ira]ll of England Ireland etc and of all her Ma[jes]ties Plantations etc for the granting of a Comm[issi]on or Le[tt]er of Marque to him the said Charles Pickering, and in pursuance of her Ma[jes]ties Instructions to Privateers made the following Declaration viz. that his ship is called the Cinque Ports Gally, and is of the burthen of ab[ou]t one hundred & Thirty Tonnes mounted w[i]th Twenty Gunns, that he the Declarant goes Cap[tain] of her, that she carryes ninety men, One hundred small Armes, Fourty Cutlaces Thirty Six Barrells of powder, Fifty Tonnes of great shott, and ab[ou]t one Tonn of small shott, that the said ship is victualled for four months, has two suites of sails, five anchors five Cables and ab[ou]t Three Tonns of spare Cordage, That Lawrence Wellbroke goes Lieuten[an]t, Thomas Jones Mate, Jo[h]n Ryder Boatswaine, W[illiam] Reade Carpenter, John Cobham Gunner, W[illia]m Ster[???] Cooke & James Broady surgeon of the s[ai]d ship, and that John Masiam [?] of New Romnsy in Kent Gent[leman], James Gould Jo[h]n Crookshanks James Sparrow, Felix Calvert of London Merch[ant] and the Declarant are the Owners and Setters out of the s[ai]d ship. The same day
This declaration was Charles Pickering made before
Geo[rge] Bramston [?]urr

Cinque Ports Gally [in margin]

1. The like Comm[issi]on as in entred Fol[lowing?] granted to Capt[ain]
2. Charles Pickering to set forth the Cinque Ports
3. Gally of the Burthen of ab[out] one hundred & thirty
4. Tonns, whereof the said Charles Pickering goeth
5. Command[e]r. Dated the Eleaventh day of Jan[uar]y in
6. the yeare of our Lord 1702. And in the First
7. yeare of her Maj[es]ties Reigne.
8. [Rd’?] H


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