Extract from the Royal warrant assigning the Asiento to the South Sea Company
Catalogue reference: T 52/26 p.196 (c.2 Sept 1714)

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[In the margin]
Warrant for an assignm[en]t of the Assiento to the South Sea Company.

Harcourt Somerset Kent
W. Ebor[iensis] Bolton Anglesey Orford S
Shrewsbury Devonshire Nottingham Townsend
Buckingham p Montross Abingdon Halifax
Dartmouth C.P.S. Roxburgh Scarbrough Cowper

These are in his Ma[jes]t[ie]s Name to direct and require You to prepare a Bill for Our Signature to pass the Great Seal of Great Britain in the Words or to the Effect following.

This Indenture made the day of in the Year of Our Lord (according to the Computac[i]on used in England) One thousand Seven hundred and Fourteen and in the first Year of the Reigne of our most Gracious Soveraigne Lord George by the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the faith &c Between Our said Soveraign Lord the Kings most excellent Ma[jes]ty of the one part and the Governour and Company of Merchants of Great Britaine Trading to the South Seas And other parts of America and for Encourageing the Fishery of the other part Whereas a Treaty or Contract commonly called or knowne by the Name of the Assiento was adjusted and made between Our Royall Sister Anne Queen of Great Britain &c And his Catholick Ma[jes]ty the King of Spaine bearing date at Madrid the Twenty Sixth day of March 1713 whereby her said late Ma[jes]ty did offer and undertake for the Persons whom She should name and appoint that they should oblige and charge themselves with the bringing into the West Indies of America belonging to the said King of Spaine in the Space of Thirty Years therein Menc[i]oned One Hundred Forty four Thousand Such Negroes as are therein described at the rate of Four Thousand Eight hundred such Negroes in each of the said Thirty yeares And that the Assientists should pay to the said King of Spaine Thirty three peices of Eight (Escudo’s) and one third of a peice of Eight Comprehending therein all manner of Duties for every One of Four Thousand of the said Negroes and that such Assientists should advance to the said King of Spaine Two hundred Thousand peices of Eight in such proporc[i]on and to be reimbursed in such Manner as are thereby prescribed And it is thereby Stipulated that the said Assientists after they shall have Imported the said Four Thousand Eight hundred Negroes Yearly if they find it Necessary for the Service of the said King of Spaine and that of his Subjects to Import a greater Number shall have Liberty so to do during the first Twenty five years of the said Contract with Condic[i]on that they shall pay no more than Sixteen peices of Eight and two Thirds of a peice of Eight for all Duties on each Negro (Pieza de India) which they shall Import over & above the said Four Thousand Eight hundred and by the said Contract Liberty is allowed to the said Assientists to Introduce Sell and Dispose of the said Negores and to bring back the produce thereof with such Exempc[i]ons Priviledges and advantages and Subject to Such Restricc[i]ons as are therein Expressed and particularly by the Twelfth Article of the said Contract his said Majestie the King of Spaine is pleased to grant That assoon as the peace should be proclaimed her said late Ma[jes]ty her heires and successors might send Two Ships of Warr with Factors


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