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A Virtual Tour of the Black and Asian Presence, 1500 - 1850


The Black and Asian presence in Britain is not a recent one. Black and Asian people have lived, worked and died in Britain for 500 years or more.

They have contributed to the wealth, development and history of this country, directly and indirectly helping put the Great into Great Britain.

The evidence of this long Black and Asian presence has largely been hidden for many years but it is out there if you look hard enough.

This learning journey is designed to help you discover for yourself how evidence of 500 years of Black and Asian presence can be found around you in the physical landscape, as well as in books, pictures and documents. It uses three cities, London, Bristol and Liverpool as examples of places where the Black and Asian presence in Britain’s history can be located.

Before you enter this site: challenge yourself to see if you can think of a single monument or a piece of physical evidence that proves that Black and Asian people have been a continuous presence in Britain from at least the 16th century.

Can you think of one?

The history of the Black and Asian presence is around you

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