Gustavus Vassa Writes to a Friend
TS 24/12, f. 2

Edingburg may 28th 1792
D[ea]r Sir, etc. etc.
     With respect I take this oppertunity [sic] to acquaint you (by Mr. Ford - an acquaintance of mine who is to go to Day for London) that I am in health - hope that you & Wife is well - I have sold books at Glasgow & Paisley, & came here on the 18th. ult. I hope next month to go to Dunde [sic], Perth, & Aberdeen - - Sir, I am sorry to tell you that some Rascal or Rascals have asserted in the news parpers [sic] Viz. oracle of the 25th. of april, & the star. 27th. - that I am a native of a Danish Island, Santa Cruz, in the W[es]t Indias. the assertion has hurted the sale of my Books - I have now the aforesaid oracle & will be much obliged to you to get me the Star, & take care of it till' you see or hear from me - Pray ask Mr. & Mrs. Peters who Lodged in the next Room to me, if they have found a Little Round Gold Breast Buckel, or broach, sett in or with fine stones - if they have, I will pay them well for it. - & if they have found it pray write to me on that account Directly. & if tis not found you need not write on that account * (& the Direction is to me, to be left at the Post office here). my best Respect to my fellow members of your society - I hope they do yet increase - I do not hear in this place that there is any such societys - I think Mr. Alex[ande]r Mathews in Glasgow told me that there was (or is) some there - Sir on Thursday the 24th Inst. - I was in the General assembely [sic] of the Church of Scotland, now Convened & they agreed unanimously on a petition, or an address to the House of Lords to abolish the Slave Trade - & on which account I gave them an address of thanks in two news papers - which is well Rece[ive]d. I find the Scotchmen is not Like the Irish - or English - nor yet in their Houses - which is to High - Especially here But thanks to God the Gospel is Plantifully [sic] preached here - & the Churches, or Karks is well filled - I hope the good Lord will enable me to hear & to profit, & to hold out to the end - & keep me from all such Rascals as I have met with in London - Mr. Lewis wrote me a Letter within 12 Days after I Left you & acquaint[e]d me of that villain who owed me above £200 - Dying on the 17th. of april - & that is all the comfort I got from him since - & now I am again obliged to slave on more than before if possible - as I have a Wife.
     May God ever keep you & me from a tachement to this evil World, & the things of it - I think I shall be happy when time is no more with me, as I am Resolved ever to Look to Jesus Christ - & Submit to his Preordainations -
     D[ea]r Sir, - I am with Christian Love to you & Wife - etc.
Gustavus Vassa
The African
J Gurnell
P.S. - pray get me the Gentlemen's Magazine for April 1792 & take care of it for me.
* it was wraped [sic] up in a bit of paper -

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