Operational selection policies by number

Operational selection policies (OSPs) apply the criteria set out in the Records collection policy to the records of individual departments and agencies or to records relating to a cross-departmental theme. Operational selection policies are normally the subject of public consultation. Alternatively you can see the operational selection policies listed by subject.

Draft operational selection policies and appraisal reports currently out for public consultation

Home Office appraisal report 1953-2016 (PDF, 0.90MB)

Department for Culture Media and Sport Operational Selection Procedure 1992-2016 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Operational selection policies by number

OSP 0 The selection of case files: sampling techniques. This policy has been removed as it has been superseded by OSP 48 (PDF, 0.11 MB) but you can see an archived version of OSP 0.

British Council – appraisal report (PDF, 0.47 MB)

Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation – appraisal report (PDF, 0.21 MB)

Ministry of Defence 1963-2014 appraisal report (PDF, 0.64MB)

British Coal Corporation (former National Coal Board) paper records 1947-2004 appraisal report (PDF, 2.99MB)

Veterinary Medicines Directorate appraisal report (PDF, 0.29MB)

Government Actuary’s Department appraisal report 1870-2016 (PDF, 0.47MB)

OSP1: The Department of the Environment 1970-1979 (PDF, 0.13MB)

OSP2: The Crown Estate 1975-1985 (PDF, 0.07MB)

OSP3: Industrial policy 1974-1979 (PDF, 0.16MB)

OSP4: The use and conservation of the countryside for recreational purposes 1974-1983 (PDF, 0.07MB)

OSP5: The administration of social security 1979-1997 (PDF, 0.10MB)

OSP6: Records created by and relating to coroners 1970-2000 (PDF, 0.16MB)

OSP7: The Welsh Office 1979-1997 (PDF, 0.12MB)

OSP7: Y Swyddfa Gymreig 1979-1997 (PDF, 0.21MB)

OSP8: The Security Service (PDF, 0.08MB)

OSP9: Fiscal policy 1971-1979 (PDF, 0.13MB)

OSP10: Nature conservation in Great Britain 1973-1991 (PDF, 0.10MB)

OSP11: Nuclear weapons policy 1967-1998 (PDF, 0.14MB)

OSP12: Central direction and oversight of policy 1970-2000 (PDF, 0.13MB)

OSP13: Britain’s diplomatic relations 1973-1996 (PDF, 0.31MB)

OSP14: Home defence and emergency planning 1972-2001 (PDF, 0.11MB)

OSP15: Control of central government expenditure 1969-1997 (PDF, 0.77MB)

OSP16: Probation records 1965-2001 (PDF, 0.31MB)

OSP17: Preservation of the built environment 1970-1999 (PDF, 0.67MB)

OSP18: Records of registration of births deaths and marriages of United Kingdom citizens occurring overseas (PDF, 0.09MB)

OSP19: Records of the Department for Education, 1974-1997 (PDF, 0.18MB)

OSP20: Records of the Central Office of Information (COI) (PDF, 0.12MB)

OSP21: Records of the Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC) (PDF, 0.08MB)

OSP22: Records of the Royal Mint 1975-2002 (PDF, 0.36MB)

OSP23: Records of Britain’s overseas representation 1973- (PDF, 0.24MB)

OSP 24: Records relating to the machinery of government and the management of the civil service March 1974-2000 (PDF, 0.15MB)

OSP25: The regulation of companies (PDF, 0.32MB)

OSP26: The regulation of civil aviation 1972-2002 (PDF, 0.27MB)

OSP27: UK central government websites (PDF, 0.11MB)

OSP28: Government Communication Headquarters and its predecessors (PDF, 0.07MB)

OSP29: Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) records (PDF, 0.18MB)

OSP30: Government and people: the interaction of the state with the citizen (PDF, 0.09MB)

OSP31: Post 16 education 1974-1988 (PDF, 0.22MB)

OSP 32: Records relating to court actions for individual insolvency (PDF, 0.16MB)

OSP33: Records relating to court actions for corporate insolvency (PDF, 0.23MB)

OSP 34: Restrictive trade practices 1956-2000 (PDF, 0.06MB)

OSP35: Board and committee records (PDF, 0.17MB)

OSP36: Publications grey literature (PDF, 0.17MB)

OSP37: Freedom of Information Act records (PDF, 0.06MB)

OSP38: Records of internal administratio (PDF, 0.12MB)

OSP39: Inspection records (PDF, 0.14MB)

OSP40: Records of the Crown Court and Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) (PDF, 0.18MB)

OSP41: Records created in the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food between 1945 and 2000 inherited by the Food Standards Agency (PDF, 0.12MB)

OSP42: Records of Departmental legal branches (PDF, 0.08MB)

OSP43: Competition – case files 1950-2008 (PDF, 0.13MB)

OSP44: Records of UK government involvement in the development and implementation of European Community secondary legislation (PDF, 0.15MB)

OSP45: English Partnerships 1999-2006 (PDF, 0.24MB)

OSP46: Records relating to military law and courts-martial (PDF, 0.23MB)

OSP47: Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) paper and electronic records 1989-2010 (PDF, 0.09MB)

OSP48: Case files (PDF, 0.11MB)

OSP49: Export Credits Guarantee Department 1978 onwards (PDF, 0.19MB)

OSP50: Regional Development Agencies 1999 – 2012 (PDF, 0.19MB)

OSP 51: Records of Royal Mail and its predecessors 1969-2006 (PDF, 0.46MB)

OSP 55: Records of the Pensions Regulator 2005-2011 (PDF, 0.26MB)

OSP 56: Attorney General’s Office (AGO) paper records 1987-2012 (PDF, 0.15MB)

OSP 57: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – site records 1940 onwards (PDF, 0.09MB)

OSP 54: Food Standards Agency 1 April 2000 – 1 October 2012 (PDF, 0.48MB)

OSP 58: Environment Agency 1996-2012 (PDF, 0.31MB)

OSP 59: Welsh Government 1997-2006 (PDF, 0.64MB)

OSP 60: Welsh Government 2006-2011 (PDF, 0.27MB)

OSP 61: Welsh Government 2011-2016 (PDF, 0.51MB)