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Broken Glass


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Duration 30sec
Release Date 1973
Sponsor Central Office of Information for Home Office
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As part of a wider anti-litter message, this film addresses the problems of rubbish left on beaches. Showing a boy running on the sand, and abruptly ending before he steps on a broken glass bottle, the film urges people to use a bin or take their litter home with them.

Recently ENCAMS, the environmental charity who run the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, announced that award-winning beaches in Britain spend on average almost 400 hours a week removing rubbish such as broken glass from the sand.

In 2005 the number of beaches in England and the Channel Islands awarded the coveted blue and yellow flag, after meeting standards laid down in European law, reached 221. Thanks to the efforts of beach cleaners, and in a small way films highlighting the risk of leaving rubbish on a beach, many people enjoy a safe day out beside the sea.


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