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Journey by a London Bus


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Director Unknown
Duration 8min 5sec
Release Date 1950
Sponsor Colonial Office
Synopsis An interesting take on London Buses intended for overseas distribution
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Most government information films were made for domestic consumption, publicising initiatives or campaigns, but not all were. The British Government were committed to making film shorts such as this bizarre take on London bus travel commissioned by the Commonwealth Film Unit for use abroad.

In a parliamentary statement on 17 December 1945 concerning the production of public information films, Prime Minister Clement Attlee stated that it was 'important that a true and adequate picture of British institutions and the British way of life should be presented overseas'.

This staged and stilted film follows two African students observing the 'spirit of co-operation' between passengers and bus crews, helping to make 'daily travelling more comfortable'. Nave and somewhat aspirational, the film short paints a picture of one of the true British institutions; a London Double-Decker bus.

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