The Callum Shower

A showerhead with an orange flyswatter shaped like a hand attached to the top. The base is covered with colourful pipe cleaners, paper, and pompom balls.

Invention name: The Callum Shower

What is it? A shower that cleans hair

Who designed it? Callum

When? 22nd June

Why? The shower helps you clean your hair

How does it work? Water falls on your head, it gets warm or cold. Shampoo falls on your head and the hand massages your head. Water washes the shampoo away.

Worksheet with information about the invention filled in. Drawing of a shower head labelled "The water starts to wet your hair next the shampoo comes out [on] your hair." A drawing of a hand is labelled "A hand to rub in the shampoo and conditioner and gives you a head massage." Underneath these, a drawing of two buttons is labelled "Knobs to control the water temperature and shower pressure".