De-creasing clothes hanger

Hanger with multiple colourful ribbons attached, as well as a black tube. Next to it is as book-like object made out of cardboard with letters stuck on the front and orange pipe cleaners sticking out of it.

Invention name: De-creasing clothes hanger

What is it? A hanger that decreases clothes and organises clothes into colour order.

Who designed it? Amy

When? June 2023

Why? It makes ironing quicker and makes your clothes easier to find because they are in order.

How does it work? The remote control has buttons to iron quickly. Iron slowly and put them away. The steam comes out of the tube to decrease the clothes.

Worksheet with information about the invention filled in.Drawing of a hanger. An arrow on the left side of the hanger is labelled "The arms are detachable depending on size of your clothes." An arrow on the right is labelled "Steam vent - this is where the steam will come out to de-crease your clothes."