All new automatic disco bathroom

A cardboard box that has been opened to create a small room. It contains a small doll lying in a bathtub, a roll of fairy lights, and two large coloured lights. The floor and roof are lined with colourful paper.

Invention name: All new automatic disco bathroom

What is it? A disco bathroom in which you can have a party in and have a wash at the same time.

Who designed it? Inventor Daniel

When? Thursday 22nd June

Why? To make our lives a lot easier and more cool and high tech.

How does it work? It’s all fully automatic and run by a remote control of all rainbow colours. It will wash, clean and dry you under a giant disco dance floor.

Worksheet with information about the invention filled in. Drawing of a room with colourful floor tiles, colourful lights hanging from the ceiling, and a grey bathtub in the centre. The text reads "The all new automatic disco bathroom".