‘old age pay’

A pauper asking why he not entitled to old age payment as he is out of work, 5 April 1872, Catalogue ref: MH12/2109

Poor Law Union: Axminster

Union counties: Devon & Dorset



Will you please explain to me whether I am entitled to old age payment as I am unemployed.  I am a tanner [makes leather from animal skins], but my master failed, that is, Mr. Newbury at Colyford… The farmers will not employ me nor relieve me. I have been to the Poor Law board and they told me I could go in the union, but as I have a wife and a sick daughter at home I would rather stay home if they would allow me old age pay. I am told I ought to have it by right as my age is 68 years and seven months and we have brought up a family of eleven children and my wages have only been 1 shilling 6d a week and house rent £4 and ten shillings a year,

Yours respectfully,

Jacob Dampier


Near Axminister


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