‘down comes the house’

An anonymous letter to a member of the Board of Guardians stating that they have started their campaign against the workhouse, 8 October 1855, Catalogue ref: MH 12/16250

Poor Law Union: Cardiff

Union counties: Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire


To E. David Esq, Radyr. [N.W. Cardiff]

October 8 1855


On the 7th instant we commenced our campaign at the Union for taking our allowance from us to the refuge to the friends of Mr and Mrs John from Bristol. They are there the best part of a week, and for you sir, to bring out the truth, we beg of you to call tomorrow or the next day to find out the truth- you will see them and not only that but the little that is allowed us is made much less for to make beef tea for Mrs John. We are in a miserable state, we feel it very much indeed, it is very hard indeed for us to hear a jolly company enjoying themselves until twelve or one o’clock every night and our poor hearts breaking for the want of a bit. Now sir, we have just began. We broke one window yesterday and by my God if there is no alteration [improvement] made before this week is out, the old house and they shall be burned in their beds, and another thing to scrimp the poor dear little children’s little bellies that has been brought up much better that one of them to have a fine piano for their daughter. All I can tell you is this, we are a company of us, if there is not something done very shortly down comes the house and very likely your old head along with it, so please to look into it as soon you can. If you delay we shall not before the Board on Saturday.

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