‘almost crushed to death’

A second complaint from a pauper about the workhouse master at Berwick-on-Tweed, 4 March 1843, Catalogue ref:  MH12/8978/15


Honoured Sir, I hope you will pardon my presumption in addressing this to you but I have been most cruelly used here by the Master and almost crushed to death by him by him throwing me down and lying on me with his knees on my breast so that I can hardly draw my breath. I am an old man sixty nine years of age and not able to bear such usage. There is no such another place as this in England.  It is a complete brothel [and] every sort of vice is encouraged here by the Master and Doctor. I hope you will be so kind as [to] have my case investigated for I am at present very ill from the bad usage I received from the Master

I remain yours

Anthony Perey

Berwick on Tweed union Workhouse

4 March 1843

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