Nuisance gasworks

A ‘nuisance letter’ to Lord Morpeth, Chairman of the Sanitary Commission about the nuisance of a gasworks in King’s Square, St. Luke’s, Middlesex, 4 October 1848, Catalogue ref: MH13/261

[The clerk’s note at the top left of the letter says that the Board of Health has no power to deal with this nuisance]


Nuisance in Kings Square, St Luke’s, Middlesex

To the Right Honourable Lord Morpeth Chairman of the Sanitary Commission

I beg leave to call your attention to a nuisance that has only lately taken place to the injury of my property situated in King Square, St. Luke’s, Middlesex, reported to be from new experiments making in the Gasworks in Brick Lane. The smells there from are intolerable to the houses in the square and also the streets in that thickly populated neighbourhood. My tenants tell me the effluvia [bad odour] is so injurious [damaging] to their health that they cannot continue in my houses. I trust your Honourable Board will take measures to prevent such a nuisance being any longer continued to the destruction of health and property in that neighbourhood.

Your Obedient Humble Servant,

T.B. Coldwell

34 York Place

City Road

October 4th 1848

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