Case Study Four: Alexander Munroe

Source one:
1. What can you find out about Alexander Munroe from this document?

Source two:
2. What has happened to Alexander Munroe?
3. What does Thomas M’Carthy’s arrest tell you about Whitechapel at the time?
4. How long had Alexander lived at the boarding house? What does this tell you about his life?

Source three (a) and three (b):
5. What can you learn about the relationship between Munroe and Hewington from these documents?
6. How did the landlord react to the event? What does this tell you about Whitechapel at the time?
7. What does the nurse say about Alexander’s reaction?

Source four:
8. What occupation does the illustrated Police News give for Alexander? Does this match the other documents?
9. Why does an ‘illustrated police news’ exist? What does it tell you about life at the time?
10. Does the portrayal match the other reports?

Sources five (a) and five (b):
11. What does the document reveal about the relationship between Alexander Munroe and Ching Hook?
12. What was the Professional Boxing Association opinion of Alexander?
13. How would you describe Alexander’s funeral from the document?
14. What does this reveal about his life in Whitechapel?

Add these details to your timeline

1881 Census entry for Alexander H Munroe

Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper – 13 September 1885

F.A. Gehringer’s Deposition – CRIM1/23/2

Nurse Goodwin’s Deposition – CRIM1/23/2

Illustrated Police News – 10 October 1885

Sporting Life – 9 September 1885

Tavistock Gazette – 18 September 1885