Titanic telegram 1912

Telegram from the  RMS Titanic received by the Russian liner Birma, April 1912, (Catalogue ref: MT 9/920C)


The Russian East Asiatic S.S. Co.  Radio-Telegram

S.S. “Birma”


No Words       Origin Station.                     Time handed in.                    Via.                 Remarks

bg to 6.                 Titanic                                 11 H.45M.April 14/15 1912.                      Distress Call Ligs Loud

Cgd – SOS. from M.  G.  Y.

We have struck iceberg sinking fast come to our assistance.

Position Lat. 41.46 n.  Lon. 50.14. W.

M.  G.  Y.

[MGY was the codename for the TITANIC]

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