First account of Peterloo

A scrap of paper giving account of events in Manchester shows that few expected the Yeoman Cavalry to be used to break up the crowd. This brief, vivid, immediate account is our earliest report of Peterloo, 16 August 1819. This information was received in London the following day and sent to Lord Sidmouth’s office.

(Catalogue reference HO 42/192 f207)


August 16, 1819


The meeting took place at 1’o clock. Hunt in the chair with 16 flags and 7 caps of Liberty hoisted up amongst upwards of 60,000 people, the cavalry has just broke in upon them, the flags are taken, Hunt and his party secured, several lives are lost and a number wounded. The cavalry are now securing the streets in all directions, ½ past 2 o’clock,


J. Allen

Return to Protest and democracy 1818 to 1820, part 2