Dental treatment & sanitation plans

Extracts from a war diary about dental treatment and sanitation plans by the 24th Ambulance plans at Doulieu, July 1915. (Catalogue ref: WO 95/1703)





Place Date Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information Remarks and references to Appendices
DOULIEU  July 6th Cont.’d Sullage [waste water] water pits (covered in), urine pits (covered in) provided for patients & personnel. Latrines provided with biscuits tins in biscuit boxes so that urine and faeces are separated, the latter being incinerated [burnt] with sawdust in an incinerator.

Divisional Rest Station – A large proportion of these patients have rheumatism, many of these have pyorrhoea [inflamed gums with the discharge of pus and loosening of the teeth]. An attempt to treat these cases as dental sepsis is arranged, treatment:-

i.              Teeth extracted if necessary-tartar removed [a hard deposit that forms on the teeth and can cause decay]

ii.            These are divided into 3 groups taken at hazard & the pockets in the gums syringed as followed:-

Group a) Solution Hydrogen peroxide

“    b)       “        Salt 3i : Sodium Bicarbonate 3i: loakr o1

“    c)        “        5% common salt (hypertonic)

R. Pickard Lt Colonel

[Diagrams showing]

Latrine boxes

Biscuit box opened, inverted, middle 2/4 of bottom cut out becomes a seat over the two biscuit tins, the middle 2/4 being the cover which is replaced after use:

Latrine seat, cover, tins in position, position on seat


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