Discover the history of Windrush 75 years on, told through the government records that capture this important moment in British and global history

22 June 2023 marked 75 years since HMT Empire Windrush docked and its passengers, mostly from the Caribbean but also a number of Polish refugees, disembarked at Tilbury, Essex. Though it was not the first post-war ship to bring passengers from the Caribbean, the arrival of the Empire Windrush has become a symbolic moment in the wider history of migration to Britain.

The Windrush passenger list is one of the most iconic documents in our collection. It’s more than simply a list of names of passengers though – alongside our other passenger lists, it is a gateway into the personal migration stories of many individuals. It’s a document bursting with narratives of hope, adversity, and new beginnings. Our records help us understand the significant impact the Windrush generation has had on British society, the challenges they faced and the global context of these migration stories.

Join us as we reflect upon the history and stories of those who migrated to Britain in this era and find out how to make your own journey of discovery.

On the Record: Windrush at 75

In this episode of The National Archives' podcast, On the Record, we’re marking the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush through the lens of several unique records held at The National Archives, including the official passenger list.