Enemy aliens

Extract from a Secret Service document relating to enemy aliens aged sixteen and above, 11th February, 1942 (KV 4/390)

Home Office                                In our opinion there is substance in the view that the
Discussed               political sympathies of a boy or girl of 16 are far from being
case with D.D.E.     fully formed. We think that there is much to be said from a
before sending       security point of view for a subsequent review of these cases
this minute             say at the attainment of the ages of 17 and 18.
11.2.42                  We do not, however, see adequate reason for referring
these cases automatically to the Regional Advisory Committees.
We suggest that it would meet requirements if you submitted
the cases to us, so that we can look up our files, and get reports
from the police. We could then ask you to bring up any
particular case about which there is doubt before a Regional
Advisory Committee

M.I.5. (E.5.)
JD. Denniston

Our file: SF.1/2

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