The defence of London (iii)

Letter from the William Yonge at the War Office to Lieutenant General Folliot about the defence of London from the Jacobites, 8 December, 1745 (SP 41/16/137).

War Office 8th December 1745


As it may be apprehended that some Disturbances may arise in the City of London and Westminster from Papists and other disaffected persons, And His majesty having thought it Expedient [advisable] that proper Precautions be taken beforehand for assembling as Expeditiously [speedily] as possible, the several Battalions of Guards and the Militia of the City; I am thereupon commanded to Signify to you it is His Majesty’s Pleasure that the following orders and Regulations be duely & punctually observed & obeyed, by the Commission Officers, Non Commission Officers and Private Men belonging to the Battalions of Foot Guards and under your Command. Viz. [as follows]

1st … That a proper Alarm Post be appointed where Each Battalion of Foot Guards should assemble

2 dly… That it be immediately given out in orders to the said Battalion of Foot Guards, that the Commission Officers, Non commission Officers & Private Men of each Battallion do repair [go] with their Arms to the Alarm Posts respectively appointed for them as a foresaid on the Publick Signal being given without waiting for orders from their officers

3 dly… That the Signals in the day time be A Flag hoisted on St Pauls Church to be answered by— A Flag on St Martin’s Church

4 thly… That the Signals for the Night be Seven Guns to be fired every half Minute from the Tower, to be Answered by Seven Guns from St. James’s

And so Vice Versa, and all the Signals to be given, when one is given

5thly… That the respective Signals be not made but by order of the Field Officer, or Gold Stick in Waiting for Westminster [the royal body guard] and by the Lord Mayor, or in his Absence, the Senior Alderman for the City, or by the Commanding Officer of the Tower.

I am Etc…

William Yonge

Lieutenant General Folliot or the Field Officer in Staff Waiting for the Three Regiments of Foot Guards

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